Drip Irrigation Kits for Togo

auteos – Autarke Solarsysteme shipped twelve drip-irrigation kits to Togo for the implementation of training measures at five agricultural schools.


The delivery consists of ten Netafim-Kits and two kits of different sizes from Naandanjain.

NaanDanJain Irrigation Ltd. and Netafim are founders, pioneers and innovators in the field of high-efficiency cost-effective irrigation solutions. They are the leading global producers and providers of customized solutions with long term experience. The product ranges provide affordable solutions of all sizes for local small farmers to larger agricultural enterprises.


A drip irrigation system applies water directly to the root zone of the crops. The area between the plants remains dryer, ensuring that primarily your cultivated plants are receiving water and nutrients but not the weeds. Because water is applied drip by drip, no water is lost by runoff. A further benefit is, that the evaporation rate is very low, thus reducing the water demand by up to 70%. Drip-irrigation allows the water to penetrate the soil slowly, giving soil particles more time to absorb water and minerals  for the plants. Less water will seep into the subsoil beyond the reach of plant roots.
Drip irrigation can be applied on most soils but make sure that the drip rates are adapted to the soil type. A further benefit is the possibility to apply nutrients through the drip irrigation system. This technology is known as fertigation.


To sum up some benefits of drip irrigation systems:

- Ecologically sound and and cost effective

- Easy to install even without prior experience

- Provide ideal growing conditions because water is delivered uniformly

- Can be adapted to your demand and can easily be adjusted to automatic control

- Improve seed germination 

- Allow the addition of liquid fertilisers

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